We are proud to offer a unique selection of exceptional European and North American toys, chosen for their quality and use of natural materials as well as their educational and play value.

The natural wooden toys and educational kits are imported directly from small, independent workshops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Italy, France and Latvia.
Our American and Canadian toys have also been hand picked and meet the high standards that we, as parents have set for our toys.


Drive through rough and tough terrain in the C09 Eitech Jeep Metal Building Kit. A 2-way remote control powers up any jeep design. Made of high-quality steel, each set includes fully functional steering and large volume wheels for endless creations. Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions. A perfect supplement with the C135 Gears Set and C142 Battery.

Take to the skies in the Eitech Helicopter! The C330 Eitech Helicopter Beginner Building Kit teaches children about the world of science through play. Tots develop three dimensional thinking that encourages creativity, learning skills and fun. Each set is made larger to promote younger ones to build and make tools. Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions. All plastic parts are attachable.


24.8″high, 29.6 wide and 9.8″ deep. The Marble Run comes with 4 marbles and 1 bell disc. Quality by design, made in Germany. Movement in new dimensions. Exclusive registed design – only from Fagus. Extensive, creative accessories ensure maximum fun and enjoyment.

The wonderful wooden cars, trucks and accessories by Fagus are made of beech wood (the Latin word fagus=beech) in a workshop in Germany. The toys, made without nails, screws and staples, are interlocked, doweled and glued together by hand and are made to last. All toys have a high educational value and many of the Fagus vehicles have won the “Spiel Gut” good toy design, awarded to toys of great educational and play value.


One of the most recognized structures in the world; millions of people gaze upon the iconic Tower Bridge in London each year. With the Teifoc Tower Bridge Construction Set, you can re-create it yourself! And you don’t even have to leave your living room. Measuring over 3 feet in length, the Teifoc Tower Bridge Construction Set encourages builders of all ages to re-create an impressive brick and steel replica of the world famous British structure.

Build your own small cottage with the Teifoc brick and mortar construction kit using real clay bricks and cement. Teifoc is a unique build and play system that uses real reusable bricks to create fun and elaborate structures and creations. Kit includes nearly 80 bricks and slates, Teifoc cement with bowl and masonry trowel, plastic gate and board to construct the model on. Bricks are made of cooked clay and totally safe for play.

Maple Landmark

The Bright Color 3-Letter NameTrain consists of an engine, three NameTrain letter cars of your choice, and a caboose. NameTrain cars are stained and sealed with a non-toxic finish. Letter cars measure about 2-1/2″ tall; engine and caboose are about 2″ tall. All pieces are crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested hard maple and are compatible with our and other wooden railway systems. We’ll assort the letter colors for you.

Bright Color NameTrain Letter Car H is crafted from locally sourced and sustainably harvested hard maple. Magnets allow you to attach cars to form names and words. Each Bright Color NameTrain Letter Car is available in one of 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. The Letter Car measures about 2-1/2″ tall and about 2-3/8″ long. Compatible with our and other wooden train sets. Non-toxic finish.


The BERG Rally is a light and compact model that can drive anywhere, even on pavement or in the park.

Discover the new playing pleasure with MOOV, the unique toy manufactured by BERG Toys with which you can keep on playing, building and riding endlessly. You can enjoy it indoors, but an exciting ride outside on this outdoor toy is also real cool. Using small rings, axles, frames and boards, you can make your own vehicle in a jiffy and without the need for any tools.

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